SIRIS a source of information for understanding of the world of education

SIRIS, the National Agency for Education's online information system on results and quality, has been in operation since 21 September 2001. SIRIS is an Internet database containing information on education and childcare.

With SIRIS, we aim to make it easier for schools and municipalities to see what can be improved by examining their own performance and comparing themselves with others. Other purposes of SIRIS are to give the public a better understanding of how schools perform their key social functions, and to provide more balanced information about schools on the basis of their capacity.

The swedish result-oriented education system was set up in the early 1990s. The state defines the objectives, and municipalities and schools choose how to achieve them. But a system of this kind requires municipalities, pre-schools and schools to report on their results, examine themselves and compare themselves with others.

To reach a goal, you have to know where you stand and what needs improving. The National Agency for Education created SIRIS to make its own information about education and child care more accessible. The key social function of schools means that citizens have a democratic right to have access to this information. Child care and education affect almost everyone. In the Agency's view, public access must therefore be as extensive as possible. This applies particularly in view of the existing variations in quality between different schools.

SIRIS presents the information on results and quality at the National Agency of Education's disposal, in an intelligible way, in accordance with the Swedish principle of public access. But far from everything we mean by 'quality' is reflected in the SIRIS data. The system should be seen as a stepping stone to further information.

For whom is SIRIS intended?
SIRIS is intended primarily as an aid to everyone who works in schools, to municipal employees and politicians, journalists and 
to pupils and parents. The Agency wants SIRIS to be a tool for schools to use in their quest for improvement.

Examples of the content of SIRIS:
- Leaving certificates from the ninth year of compulsory school and the third year of upper-secondary school.
- Results from nationwide tests in the third, sixth and ninth year of compulsory school and upper-secondary school.
- Basic facts: numbers of pupils and teachers, pupil-teacher ratio, teachers' qualifications, costs, etc.
- Reports from the national educational inspectors' quality investigations.
- Which municipalities have received "Wärnersson funds", a special federal grant to boost the number of adults in education, and the intended purpose of the funds as stated in their applications.

Please note that SIRIS is available in swedish only.